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Client Partner

Similar roles:

customer advocate, client relations manager

Job level:


Average annual salary:


Role in Customer Success Team:

CSM, Head of Customer Success

Reports to:

CSM, Head of Customer Success

Summary points:

Key Responsibilities: What Does a Client Partner Do?

Client Partners, also often called Customer Advocates or Client Relations Managers, represent a relatively new business function that acts as a liaison between a company and its customers. Client partners oversee relationships, maintain communication channels, and cultivate connections, growing them into full partnerships that result in growth for all parties involved.

Typically, client partners require some level of experience in client relations, whether that is through a Customer Success function (such as a CS Rep) or through account management. Some Client Partner positions are more advanced – both on account of the complexity of solutions, services, or products sold, and because of the high-level nature of the B2B client relationships

Key Responsibilities:

  • Act as a customer ally and liaison in business relationships, advocating for their interests and goals within your organization.
  • Ability to maintain customer-focus while under budget constraints.
  • Developing or assisting in the development of customer account strategies together with the CS, support, and account teams.
  • Own customer relationships for assigned accounts and take the lead in customer communications.
  • Monitor customer outcomes, goal-alignment, and satisfaction.
  • Assist customers with product onboarding, implementation, maintenance, as well as service consultations.
  • Assist CSMs and Expansion Managers with upsells and cross-sells that match each account profile.

Skills and Competencies

Here are the necessary skills to be a good client partner:

  • Minimum of 6 years of relevant experience such as account management, customer success, and customer relations, or equivalent in customer advocacy courses / training. Many companies ask for 10+ years of experience, but also offer a significantly higher salary compared to the average*.
  • High emotional intelligence, empathy, and interpersonal skills.
  • Top-level customer service skills.
  • High level of independence and professionalism.
  • Good communication skills and ability to maintain conversations with clients in a diplomatic and goal-focused manner.
  • Overall knowledge of business development.
  • Strong analytical and goal-oriented mindset.
  • Good IT&C knowledge and capabilities and ability to learn new software tools (CS tools AND CRMs) on the job.

Good Training Materials and Programs

Here is a list of articles, guides, courses, and other resources that provide good training for professionals in this position:
QueensX: Strategic Account Management | edX


Key Account Management: The Ultimate Guide


Customer Advocacy Online Class

LinkedIn Learning

Customer Service Training: Dealing with Difficult Customers


Customer Advocacy Certified

CS Collective

Earn Your Certificate in Client Relationship Development


Become a Master of Client and Account Management


Potential Roles to Grow into

If you’re starting from this position, here are some roles you can consider in the future:


Technical Account Manager

Average annual salary: $54,955

Role in Customer Success Team: Execution

Reports to: Customer success manager, Customer success operations manager, Director of customer success


Expansion and Upsell Manager

Average annual salary: $121,344

Role in Customer Success Team: Management

Reports to: Director of Customer Success, Head of Sales


Customer Onboarding Manager

Average annual salary: $114,600

Role in Customer Success Team: Management

Reports to: CSM, Head of Customer Success


Director of Customer Success

Average annual salary: $156,985

Role in Customer Success Team: Management

Reports to: VP of Customer Success, Chief Customer Officer


VP of Customer Success

Average annual salary: $197,880

Role in Customer Success Team: Management

Reports to: Chief Customer Officer, Chief Executive Officer


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