Drive Customer Expansion: Cross-Selling & Upselling Software for CS

With Custify, discover growth paths that make sense and act on them—effortlessly and effectively.

Custify helps us to identify upsell opportunities and churn risks very quickly. We now have better retention and a higher CLV.

Yazan Sehwail

Co-Founder & CEO - Userpilot

74% of CS Teams Upsell More with Custify
Yazan Sehwail

Easily find upsell opportunities and act on them

Looking to grow revenue? Custify highlights customers ready for an upgrade or new features. You'll never miss a beat with our custom alerts.

Automated reminders keep your CSMs on their toes, while our health scores show who's due for an upgrade. Make every opportunity count.

Automate for impact: maximize your CSMs' reach

Why manually push upsell and cross-sell opportunities when Custify can do it for you? Our automation means your CSMs can focus on relationship-building, not data digging.

From auto-emailing the hottest upsell candidates to setting precise triggers for that well-timed nudge, we've got you covered. Custify ensures you reach out when it matters most.

Team up for growth: from easier upsells to happy customers

Let's get everyone on the same page, literally. With Custify's Customer 360 view, your team gets a unified look at each customer. No more 'he said, she said' when it comes to customer details.

From notes and emails to custom alerts, we make sure no-one's out of the loop. That means your Sales, Customer Success, and Marketing teams can pass upsell opportunities like a well-oiled machine.

Recognized leader in customer success. Loved by CS teams

G2 - Best Requirements Summer 2023
G2 - High Performer Summer 2023
G2 - Best Support 2023
Users Love Us
G2 - Momentum Leader Summer 2023
G2 - Best Results Summer 2023
G2 - Most Implementable Summer 2023
Crozdesk - Leader 2023
Software Advice - Front Runners 2023
Crozdesk - Quality Choise 2023
Capterra - Shortlist 2023
Crozdesk - Happiest Users 2023
GetApp - Leaders 2023
G2 - Highest User Adoption Summer 2023
G2 - Leader Small Business 2023
G2 - Best Usability 2023
G2 - Leader EMEA 2023
SelectSoft - Top Customer Success Software 2023

Growth by the numbers: real data, real decisions

Ever feel like you're throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks? No more! Custify gives you real insights on what your customers are really up to, so you know exactly where to focus your energy.

Let your CSMs feel like data whizzes. From pinpointing where to expand to forecasting your next big sale, we've got you covered. Make decisions you can bank on: no more guesswork, just growth.

Be there, right when they need you: any channel, any time

You know those magical moments when you're right there, just as a customer needs you? We make more of those happen. With Custify, your CSMs can swoop in, whether it's through email, chat, or even SMS.

No more missed opportunities or lost threads. From speedy replies to personalized nudges, you're always in the loop and on the ball. Be the brand that's always there.

How do our clients use Custify for revenue expansion?

Before Custify, I would lose an entire day sending the same email over and over again, checking metrics, and scheduling meetings. Now, my inbox is empty at the end of the day because Custify does everything for me.

Stijn Smet
Team Lead Customer Success

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Before Custify we used spreadsheets to handle any client management workflows and we were spending far too much time doing manual tasks that could have been automated. Since using Custify, our team can handle 3X more clients with more care and attention to each of them, through the removal of all of the tasks and communication lines that they needed.

Daniel Snider - Automation Lead & SM Strategist

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One of the things that we liked too, was that the product was young. Some of the other platforms that we saw were clunky. They had every feature under the sun that we were asking for. But it also meant that there was no flexibility in how things would be able to get built out or in any of our requests

Ailyn Mendoza
Director of Customer Success & Support

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Bottom line benefits:

Your upselling strategy is yours to make. Custify gives you the tools to scale and automate it, giving your CSMs enhanced reach and timeliness.

More Revenue, Less Guesswork

Custify helps you spot those upsell and cross-sell moments that can make your existing relationships even more profitable.

Scalable Growth Strategies

Use automation and AI-driven insights to find new ways to grow with your current customers, without breaking a sweat

Streamlined Operations

All your customer data in one place and automated comms to boot. Less time on admin, more time on the big picture.

Forecasting and Predictive Analytics

Get a handle on future customer needs and trends, enabling proactive planning and more accurate forecasting of expansion potential.

Irina Vatafu - Head of CS at Custify
Irina Vatafu - Head of CS at Custify
Irina Vatafu - Head of CS at Custify
Irina Vatafu - Head of CS at Custify

Ready to Boost Upsells and Expand Customer Lifetime Value?

Unlock growth with Custify's data-driven insights tailored for customer expansion.

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