Customer Health

Easily identify customers at risk of churn

You know that colleague with a sixth sense for customer problems?

We're able to track our customers based on health metrics, identify those that are at risk of cancellation and proactively prevent that by reaching out.

Peter Redpath

Customer Success Manager at inFlow

Peter Redpath

Make sure your product creates value

Avoid customer churn by identifying opportunities and risks early. Individual health scores
and customer segments let you tailor the actions you take for each client.

Customer health Scores SaaS

Share your expertise

Sometimes a call, support ticket, or email gives you clear insight into a customer's satisfaction with your product. Custify's easy ratings system lets you share your insights and expertise with other members of your team.

Be sure to check out your team members' ratings, too. You never know when a hunch could turn into a big customer success win.

Customer Pulse Rating

Understand portfolio health

See the performance and health of your customer portfolio at a glance. Identify KPIs that you're not meeting so you can change your product to better suit your customers' needs.

Customer Health Score

See if Custify is right for you.

A better experience for your customers, fewer headaches for your team. You'll be set up in minutes.

Reach out and schedule a free personalized demo.


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