Health score

Unlock Insights with Customer Health Scores

What if you had a sixth sense for customer problems? Health scores give you an instant view into the status and engagement of your customers.

Utilizing Custify, we've seen a significant increase in tool adoption, underscoring the value of health scores. The ability to instantly assess a company's performance and track user engagement trends has greatly empowered our CS team.

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Elise Marengo

Head of Client Success at Offsite

Elise Marengo

Master Customer Success with
Advanced Health Scores

Unlock the full potential of your customer relationships. Custify provides a comprehensive view of customer health, enabling proactive decisions and personalized engagement.

Rania Jamal

Rania Jamal
Head of Customer Experience at UserPilot

"Custify's health score feature enabled targeted support for at-risk customers, reducing churn and unlocking upsell opportunities, thereby improving customer satisfaction and contributing to business growth."

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Personalized Health Scores for each Segment or Customer

Every customer is unique. Customize health scores based on your business goals and customer behavior to ensure meaningful interactions and outcomes.

Seamless Integration, Tailored Health Scores

Gather data points and events from every tool in your stack and let Custify give you dynamic health scores, guiding your team to foster positive customer experiences and outcomes.

Irina Vatafu - Head of CS at Custify
Irina Vatafu - Head of CS at Custify
Irina Vatafu - Head of CS at Custify
Irina Vatafu - Head of CS at Custify

Master Customer Journeys with Advanced Health Scores

Transform insights into action and experience the power of Custify’s dynamic health scoring. Drive retention and growth like never before.

React in Real-Time, Keep Churn in Check

Identify at-risk customers before they think of leaving. Custify's health scores alert you in real-time, enabling proactive engagement.

Share Insights, Enhance Team Performance

Easily share customer insights within your team. Custify facilitates collaboration, turning shared knowledge into customer success victories.

How do our clients use Custify health scores in their CS operations?

Before Custify, I would lose an entire day sending the same email over and over again, checking metrics, and scheduling meetings. Now, my inbox is empty at the end of the day because Custify does everything for me.

Stijn Smet
Team Lead Customer Success

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Before Custify we used spreadsheets to handle any client management workflows and we were spending far too much time doing manual tasks that could have been automated. Since using Custify, our team can handle 3X more clients with more care and attention to each of them, through the removal of all of the tasks and communication lines that they needed.

Daniel Snider - Automation Lead & SM Strategist

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One of the things that we liked too, was that the product was young. Some of the other platforms that we saw were clunky. They had every feature under the sun that we were asking for. But it also meant that there was no flexibility in how things would be able to get built out or in any of our requests

Ailyn Mendoza
Director of Customer Success & Support

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Recognized leader in customer success. Loved by CS teams

G2 - Best Requirements Summer 2023
G2 - High Performer Summer 2023
G2 - Best Support 2023
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G2 - Momentum Leader Summer 2023
G2 - Best Results Summer 2023
G2 - Most Implementable Summer 2023
Crozdesk - Leader 2023
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Crozdesk - Quality Choise 2023
Capterra - Shortlist 2023
Crozdesk - Happiest Users 2023
GetApp - Leaders 2023
G2 - Highest User Adoption Summer 2023
G2 - Leader Small Business 2023
G2 - Best Usability 2023
G2 - Leader EMEA 2023
SelectSoft - Top Customer Success Software 2023


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