Focus on what really needs your personal attention

Let Custify help your team leverage every account opportunity - fast, easy and even automatically.

Since using Custify, our team can handle 3X more clients with more care and attention to each of them...

Daniel Snider

Automation Lead & SM Strategist at Growth Engine

Daniel Snider

Automate your customer success workflows

Create playbooks that automatically

  • send welcome and onboarding emails
  • assign accounts to team members
  • send messages to customers with low engagement
  • implement personalized renewal processes
  • notify you in response to your customer’s behavior

and much more. Flexible workflows make your automation options nearly endless.

Customer Success workflows automation

Treat your customers like individuals

Not every customer has the same needs. Treat them like individuals by segmenting your customer base into groups based on account details or usage.

Deliver the best services for each segment to maximize retention and expansion revenue.

Customer Segmentation

See if Custify is right for you.

A better experience for your customers, fewer headaches for your team. You'll be set up in minutes.

Reach out and schedule a free personalized demo.


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