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We unravel the signs of potential churn, discuss effective onboarding and engagement strategies, and reveal how to measure and communicate ROI, ultimately guiding you through the essential steps to prevent churn and foster strong customer relationships.

Samantha Kramer (Director of CS at Danielle Martin (Head of CS at TryHackMe)

Dive into the art of onboarding with CS experts Hannah Dean and Melanie Faye. Explore challenges, strategies to accelerate first value, setting clear expectations, navigating customer conversations, and the pivotal role of onboarding in renewals.

Hannah Dean (Senior CSM at Livestorm) Melanie Faye (CS manager at Keeper.App)

2023 in Review: CS Challenges and Goals for 2024. Join our webinar with CS leaders Anika Zubair, Erika Villarreal, and Jan Young for insights on CS metrics, advocating for CSPs, and setting 2024 goals.

Anika Zubair (Head of CS at Griffin) Erika Villarreal (CS Manager at Eptura) Jan Young (Founder & CCO at JanYoungCX)

What’s the right tool for customer success? Can you use a CRM for your CS activities? How to prove the value of a CSP? We’ve invited Carmel Granahan, a bonified SaaS and CS expert to help us answer these in our latest webinar.

Carmel Granahan

Head of CS & Founder of Unify Success

In this webinar, experts from Supermetrics and Whale share insights on CS productivity. They discuss being a company's inaugural CSM, key metrics, managing demand for CS assistance, and articulating CS value.

Eleanora White (Director of Customer Success at Supermetrics) Stijn Smet (Customer Success Team Lead at Whale)

Our CEO, Philipp Wolf, and Ingmar Zahorsky discuss ChartMogul's onboarding and nurturing strategies for high-value accounts, balancing manual and self-service account management, guiding account lifecycles, and using Custify to enhance CS.

Philipp Wolf (CEO at Custify) Ingmar Zahorsky (VP of Customer Success at ChartMogul)

We invite leaders Emilia D’Anzika and Julie Weill Persoffski to share insights on structuring CS Teams amidst AI and automation, discussing the contrast between PLG and sales-led strategies in enhancing customer success and company growth.

Emilia D’Anzika ( Founder and Managing Partner of Growth Molecules) Julie Weill Persoffski (Global Managing Director | Customer Success Practice Lead)

How do you fight churn? We dive into the remarkable story of how Forecastr significantly reduced churn by nearly 50% using Custify and its strategic insights.

Steven Plappert

Co-Founder & CEO at Forecastr

We invite Irit to explore the challenges of working with customer data and we discuss best practices for leveraging it to drive better outcomes. What is a customer data framework? What is a comprehensive data map?

Irit Eizips

CS Leadership Coach | Top 100 CS Strategist 2022

Quiet quitting is not a passing trend that should be ignored. Our latest survey, Quiet Quitting in CS 2023, has found that it’s a sign of deep problems within an organization. We’ve invited two awesome leaders from CS and HR to debate what this means for CSMs and their employers.

Shawn Riedel Rachel Provan (CS Leadership Coach @ Provan Success, LLC) Nineta Ceaus (HR Director @ GroupM)

How do you create a solid CS strategy for the upcoming year? And most importantly, how do you stick to it? We invited Shawn Riedel to discuss how CS teams can plan for and remain successful in 2023.

Shawn Riedel

Customer Success Consultant

Will 2023 in CS be heaven or hell? We bid farewell to 2022 with an all-star discussion of the challenges, trends, and changes CS professionals should expect in 2023.

Philipp Wolf (Custify), Maranda Dziekonski (Swiftly), Peter Armaly (ESG), Daphne C. Lopes (HubSpot),

We asked Jeff Heckler to share his insights into how SaaS businesses can better align their Sales with Customer Success. Check out this webinar to learn more about how CS and Sales teams can collaborate, what KPIs they should share, and more.

Jeff Heckler

Customer Success Director at MarketSource

Onboarding customers when you’re managing complex B2B software can be a hassle; so we went to Peter Ord and asked for his secret recipe. In this webinar we crack the code of how good onboarding can impact NRR.

Peter Ord

Founder & CEO at GUIDEcx

More often than not we do not take the time to understand “the reason why” behind the data. We do not correlate the quantitative with the qualitative part. How can you influence a number if you do not understand its story? The story is usually given by the customer.

Anita Toth

Chief Churn Crusher

We welcome Efehan Çelik, customer success manager at UserGuiding, to debunk some of the most common user onboarding myths. This webinar yielded unique insights into user onboarding and product adoption.

Efehan Çelik

Customer Success Manager at UserGuiding

What mistakes to avoid when scaling your customer success operations? We talk with Jennifer Chiang, author of The Startup’s Guide to CS, about what it takes to grow your team from one jack-of-all-trades to tens or hundreds of people.

Jennifer Chiang

Author of The Startup's Guide to CS

What’s the role of Customer Success in a product-led, self-service scenario? As the PLG model grows in popularity across the SaaS landscape, we analyze its impact on CSMs together with Claudiu Murariu, CEO and Co-founder of InnerTrends.

Claudiu Murariu

Founder at InnerTrends

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Navigate through 2023's CS hurdles with Keishla Ceaser-Jones. Gain insights on crafting a winning CS strategy, tackling CS challenges, choosing appropriate tools and technology, hiring the right team, and Keishla's outlook for 2024.

Keishla Ceaser-Jones

Sr. Director and Partner Success at EAB

Discover the transformative power of Voice of the Customer programs with Gillian Taylor. Learn effective recruitment strategies, ways to enhance CS team performance, selecting the best CS tools, learning from past mistakes, and Gillian's forecasts for 2024.

Gillian Taylor

Customer Success Leader

Dive into 2023's CS landscape with Matt Kelso, exploring the challenges and the influence of data on CS strategies. Uncover key success metrics, insights on building a robust CS team, the art of internal CS advocacy, tool selection strategies, and Matt's predictions for 2024.

Matt Kelso

Customer Success Leader

Explore CS strategies in education with Laura Litton. Address CS team challenges, the selection of tools, team-building insights, common mistakes, and anticipate CS developments in 2024.

Laura Litton

Director of Success

Dive into CS trends in 2023 with Parker-Chase Corwin. Discuss CS challenges, the importance of team alignment, crucial metrics, fostering departmental alliances, internal CS promotion, budgeting tips, and 2024 predictions.

Parker-Chase Corwin

CS & CX Consultant

Unpack the challenges CSMs face and the critical role of data in CS success with De’Edra Williams. Learn the keys to demonstrating CS value, essential roles, recruitment strategies, vital KPIs, and what to seek in a CS platform.

De’Edra Williams

Customer Success Leader

Explore the multifaceted world of CS with Sadie Shepard, Advisor and Owner at SADESHEP. Delve into enhancing customer experience, tackling difficult customers, and refining CS processes. Learn about selecting the right tools, advocating for a CS platform, and navigating career challenges.

Sadie Shepard

Business Advisor & Fractional Services Consultant

Join Michael Boyd, VP of Customer Success at Vanta, in a dynamic episode. Explore his decade-long CS journey, learn about CS in security-focused environments, understand evolving challenges, and discover key KPIs. Gain insights into AI's impact on CS, budgeting strategies, and predictions for 2024.

Michael Boyd

VP of Customer Success at Vanta

Join Eleni Vorvis, a seasoned CS Leader & Consultant, in our latest podcast episode. Discover strategies for 2024, top CS events, influential experts, and ways to overcome new team challenges. Learn about enhancing CS-Sales collaboration, choosing the right tools, and upcoming CS trends.

Eleni Vorvis

CS Leader & Consultant

Explore the world of Customer Success with Tracie Zamiska in our latest podcast episode. Learn about starting in a new team, leveraging AI tools, handling complaints, and effective CS-sales collaboration. Gain insights on key metrics, individual KPIs, and CS predictions for 2024.

Tracie Zamiska

Customer Success Leader

Join Will Stevenson, Founder and COO at, as he explores the nuances of customer success in SaaS and B2B. Learn about prioritizing tasks as a new CSM, balancing focus with multitasking, and building a skilled CS team in this insightful podcast episode.

Will Stevenson

Customer Expert

Explore customer success insights with Adam Smith in our podcast. Uncover his strategies for deepening customer relationships and driving CS success. Learn how to create impactful experiences and foster loyalty.

Adam Smith

CS Executive

Join J.P. Scoville, a seasoned CS Leader, in an insightful discussion on refining customer success strategies. Discover effective techniques for enhancing team performance and elevating customer satisfaction and loyalty.

John Paul Scoville

VP of Customer Success at Cinch

Dive into a compelling session with Parul Bhandari, Customer Success Leader, as she unveils key strategies for building a dynamic CS team. Gain insights on tackling customer success challenges and boosting engagement and loyalty.

Parul Bhandari

CS Strategist

We're joined by Con Cirillo, Director of Lifecycle Marketing, as he shares invaluable insights on sculpting an effective CS team and shares tips for avoiding common CSM pitfalls and mastering customer churn, retention, and advocacy.

Con Cirillo

Director of Lifecycle Marketing

Philipp Wolf - Founder & CEO, Custify
Philipp Wolf - Founder & CEO, Custify

Your success is our mission. Our resource library is designed to empower you and the broader customer success community.

Let's grow together.

Philipp Wolf - Founder & CEO, Custify
Philipp Wolf - Founder & CEO, Custify


The big book of Churn
The big book of Churn

Usage guides

Segments Automation

The definitive guide on SaaS churn: everything we know about preventing customer churn and reducing MRR churn, with examples.

Customer Heatlh Score Guide
Customer Heatlh Score Guide

Usage guides

Health Scores Lifecycles

Customer Health Scores and customer success are essential to one another. This free ebook will guide you through setting & using health scores in your SaaS.

Customer Success Strategy
Customer Success Strategy

Usage guides

Churn Segments Customer 360

Free pdf guide with Everything you need to know about creating your first customer success strategy. With detailed examples and insights.

How to properly scale your customer success operations
How to properly scale your customer success operations

Usage guides


Short guide that will help you scale your customer success operations. From influencing factors to the essential steps for each growth phase.

Selling the<br> Customer Success Story Internally
Selling the
Customer Success Story Internally

Usage guides


While companies understand the relevance of CS, they need a data-backed argument in order to allocate proper funds. This guide helps you advocate internally for the CS department.

The Role of Data in Customer Success
The Role of Data in Customer Success

Usage guides

Health Scores

In a SaaS you have on average 70–90% of revenue coming from retention & expansion. So why are CS teams equipped with incomplete, low-resolution data? This guide can help you fix this.

How to Improve Your Customer Journey with a CSP
How to Improve Your Customer Journey with a CSP

CS guide

Lifecycles Segments Automation

A comprehensive guide with practical examples and insights on how to use a customer success platform to optimize your customer journey process.

The Internal Handoffs eGuide
The Internal Handoffs eGuide

Usage guides


Discover essential strategies for seamless internal handoffs with our eGuide, ensuring smooth transitions and enhanced collaboration across teams.

Streamlining the QBRs eGuide
Streamlining the QBRs eGuide

Usage guides


Explore our guide on streamlining QBRs, packed with practical strategies and insights to enhance efficiency and client engagement in your business reviews.

The CS Customer Communication Guide
The CS Customer Communication Guide

Usage guides


Enhance your CS team’s customer communication. Discover strategies to boost engagement and reduce churn using a CSP in our free eBook.

Churn Calculator
Churn Calculator

Saas tools

Health Scores

Do you need a simple way to calculate your Churn Rate projection? Use the SaaS churn calculator and understand your current situation.

ROI calculator
ROI calculator

Saas tools

Health Scores

What’s customer success worth? This calculator simulates the potential return on investment your business could realize by implementing a CS software.

Customer Success Uncovered 2024
Customer Success Uncovered 2024


Health Scores

Get the inside scoop on what CSMs really think about their jobs, salaries, and career prospects, as well as the current state of the customer success industry.

Quiet Quitting & Employee Retention in CS
Quiet Quitting & Employee Retention in CS


Health Scores

Statistics and insights into the challenges and difficulties CS/CX staff face every day. Get an authoritative picture from over 570 participants.

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