Turn Data into Actionable Insights

Unravelling client data is a recurring nightmare for CSMs. Now, with Calculated Metrics, effortlessly merge metrics to align with your goals and analyze trends with precision. Transform complex data into clear, actionable insights.

How to use calculated metrics?

A metric by itself is just a number, not a KPI or an insight. “Calculated metrics” are dynamically updated values built on the data you send (API, integrations, or manually entered). With Custify, users can transform these values into meaningful insights and effectively utilize them in segments, dashboards, or health scores.

Build benchmarks and normalize your data

Looking to compare segments and accounts over time? Benchmarks are a simple mechanism for normalizing data in order to achieve this.

Basically, these allow you to create a standardized reference point that facilitates a fair comparison, allowing for more accurate insights. For example, you can compare logins between large and small accounts.

See how our customers used calculated metrics

Before Custify, I would lose an entire day sending the same email over and over again, checking metrics, and scheduling meetings. Now, my inbox is empty at the end of the day because Custify does everything for me.

Stijn Smet
Team Lead Customer Success

Before Custify we used spreadsheets to handle any client management workflows and we were spending far too much time doing manual tasks that could have been automated. Since using Custify, our team can handle 3X more clients with more care and attention to each of them, through the removal of all of the tasks and communication lines that they needed.

Daniel Snider - Automation Lead & SM Strategist

One of the things that we liked too, was that the product was young. Some of the other platforms that we saw were clunky. They had every feature under the sun that we were asking for. But it also meant that there was no flexibility in how things would be able to get built out or in any of our requests

Ailyn Mendoza
Director of Customer Success & Support

Irina Vatafu - Head of CS at Custify
Irina Vatafu - Head of CS at Custify
Irina Vatafu - Head of CS at Custify
Irina Vatafu - Head of CS at Custify

Are you ready to become a
data-driven CSM?

Let Custify guide your customer success journey with clear, actionable reports and insights.

Here's a few examples of how calculated metrics could revolutionize your customer success strategy:

Track conversations over time
Track conversations over time

Gain insights into customer engagement by calculating the average number of live chats over the past 30 days.

Monitor login trends
Monitor login trends

Keep track of user engagement by analyzing daily or monthly login data and setting benchmarks.

Analyze download patterns
Analyze download patterns

Understand user interest by assessing download frequencies of various report types over 30 days.

Evaluate health score fluctuations
Evaluate health score fluctuations

Identify the highest and lowest changes in health scores over a week to pinpoint accounts needing attention.

Identify costly customer interactions
Identify costly customer interactions

Discover your most expensive customers to manage by dividing the recurring revenue by the number of interactions.

Track feedback performance over time
Track feedback performance over time

Compare current customer feedback volume with the previous period to analyze changes over a specific time period.

Compare health score averages
Compare health score averages

Contrast weekly and monthly average health scores to identify emerging trends or issues.

Identify decline in product usage
Identify decline in product usage

Detect drops in product engagement by comparing activity counts over the last 30 days against the prior month.

Evaluate churn risk at a glance
Evaluate churn risk at a glance

Detect early signs of disengagement by combining data from login patterns, support ticket trends, and feature usage.

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