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At Offsite, we realized early on that the right tools are crucial for scalingefficiently and providing exceptional customer experiences. With Custify,we've revolutionized customer engagement and operational workflows.

Elise Marengo

Head of Customer Success at Offsite

Before Custify, I would lose an entire day sending the same email over and over again, checking metrics, and scheduling meetings. Now, my inbox is empty at the end of the day because Custify does everything for me.

Stijn Smet

Team Lead Customer Success at Whale

Custify has improved our time to response, quality, and even given us the ability to benchmark things we measure in our own programs on the fly in client meetings. We are able to serve our clients as strategic partners as a result of it.

Brian Spour

VP of Customer Success at TalentNet

I think the main reasons why I'd recommend Custify are the ease of use and the amazing team behind the product. We had incredible support from the start. The Custify team helped us at PLAATO with implementing and managing the whole process.

Abi Rydland

Customer Success Manager at PLAATO

The most important aspect of working with Custify is that they are very keen to hear and act on customer feedback. Dialogue is key and their CSMs proactively reach out once feedback that was important for us, has been implemented.

Damian Lilla

Head of Customer Success at Woodpecker

One of the things that we liked was that the product was young. Some of the other platforms that we saw were clunky. They had every feature under the sun but it also meant that there was no flexibility in how things would be able to get built out or in any of our requests.

Ailyn Mendoza

Director of Customer Success & Support at Monograph

Custify helps our CSMs do their job more efficiently, from scheduling and executing customer onboarding calls to sending personalized emails based on our users’ behavior, health scores, and product usage. We now have a unified view of all our customer and company data.

Rania Jamal

Head of Customer Experience at UserPilot

Before Custify, we were tracking customer health manually in a spreadsheet. This process was time-consuming and nowhere close to real-time. After implementing Custify we restructured our team based on new lifecycle definitions, and the accuracy of our health scores was remarkable.

Ingmar Zahorsky

VP of Customer Success at ChartMogul

If you're going to integrate a brand new tool into your day-to-day operations, you want to make sure that the people behind the tool are the ones with whom you see yourself doing business for a number of years. We felt safe investing in Custify because we know that they care about the product and its functionality & performance.

Chris Dahl

Director of Sales & Growth at Pin Payments

Since using Custify our churn decreased by 25%. We are more spot-on, we can help our customers even better and faster and that's why they don't leave us. That's exactly what we needed in our organization.

René Ceelen

CEO & Founder at TestMonitor

Since using Custify we've been able to boost NRR and manage our expanding customer base without having to scale our team. And that's been one of the big benefits of Custify.

Peter Redpath

Customer Success Manager at inFlow

Since using Custify we've been able to track our onboarding process and provide a top-notch experience to our customers. We can see which trials are actually performing well and our ability to multitask has just gone through the roof.

Philippe Swamy

Customer Success Manager at Kiflo

Before Custify we used spreadsheets to handle any client management workflows and we were spending far too much time doing manual tasks that could have been automated. Since using Custify, our team can handle 3X more clients with more care and attention to each.

Daniel Snider

Automation Lead & SM Strategist at Growth Engine

Our SaaS is quite complex and offers multiple integrated solutions. Even in this scenario, Custify has proven to be a great tool. Our CSMs get a holistic 360 view of each customer and their interactions. On top of this, their support exceeded all our expectations.

Andre Cvijovic

Founder at Referrizer

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Health Scores Churn

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Health Scores Churn

How Whale reduced time spent on manual CS tasks by 90%, doubled their global health score, reduced churn, and stabilized MRR.


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Health Scores Automation

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Health Scores Segments Automation

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Health Scores Lifecycles

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Churn Segments Customer 360

How TestMonitor leverages Custify features to lower churn, improve customer satisfaction and improve productivity.


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Segments Automation

How Woodpecker applies segments and lifecycle functionality from Custify to scale their operations and be more proactive.


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Churn Segments Customer 360

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Pin Payments

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Segments Calculated Metrics

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Customer 360 Churn

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Churn Automation

Using Custify, GloriaFood applies dedicated functionality to improve churn rates and reduce onboarding time.


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Segments Customer 360

How SocialInsider uses segments and automation to improve proactive outreach by 300% and trial user conversion rates by 28%.

Growth Engine

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Automation Segments

Through automated playbooks and segments, the Growth Engine team scales their efforts and improves customer visibility.


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Onboarding Lifecycles

By using automation and tracking features in Custify, the CS team at Kiflo improves customer onboarding & visibility.


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Onboarding Productivity

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Churn Automation

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Churn Segments Customer 360

How Plaato automated their CS processes, boosted their core customers’ health scores, and improved their NPS.

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From growing SaaS businesses to large enterprises, Custify's customer success management platform helps teams around the world achieve meaningful results:

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From growing SaaS businesses to large enterprises, Custify's customer success management platform helps teams around the world.

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