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Customer Success Operations Analyst | Job Description

Customer Success Operations Analyst

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customer success operations specialist

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Reports to:

CS Ops Manager, Head of CS Ops

Summary points:

Key Responsibilities: What Does a Customer Success Operations Analyst Do?

Customer Success Operations Analysts represent a mid-level job that handles the day-to-day tasks on the operational and technical side of customer success. They’re responsible for monitoring customers and creating the relevant metrics associated with each account.

From tool setup to reports and revenue forecasts, CS Ops analysts should be able to handle just about anything from the operational side of both the customer success department and the customers themselves.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Calculating, monitoring, managing, and reporting relevant account metrics and health scores for specific clients (assigned by the CS Ops Manager, Head of CS Ops, or the Head of CS).
  • Handling internal systems setup, management, and optimization – including the customer success platform of choice for the business.
  • Setting and managing in-app notifications together with the customer success manager and account manager assigned to that client.
  • Maintaining and improving internal customer success operations, including cross-departmental processes, projects, and collaboration.
  • Reviewing and maintaining customer documentation, including but not limited to website documentation, knowledge base articles, educational and training videos, and video libraries.

Skills and Competencies

Here are the necessary skills to be a good CS ops analyst:

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in Customer Success or Customer Support with proven Operations or Technical expertise. Relevant courses / training are nice-to-have but only required by some job postings.
  • Excellent analytical skills with the ability to identify and correlate metrics relevant to customer goals in order to drive customer success and inform the efforts of the entire team.
  • Automation and playbook setup, automating tech-touch.
  • Monitoring internal team processes.
  • Revenue forecasting.
  • Monitoring customer metrics and activity.
  • Expert reporting skills.
  • Knowledge of Data Intelligence and Governance principles.
  • Account allocation and capacity planning.
  • Experience communicating and reporting operational data to cross-functional internal stakeholders.
  • Advanced IT&C knowledge and capabilities and ability to quickly learn and perform in new software environments.

Good Training Materials and Programs

Here is a list of articles, guides, courses, and other resources that provide good training for professionals in this position:
Customer Service Operations


Customer Success Manager: Fundamentals
Customer Success Certificate Program

Portland State University

The Full Guide to Customer Health Scores
Customer Success Master Class

Potential Roles to Grow into

If you’re starting from this position, here are some roles you can consider in the future:


Customer Success Operations Manager

Average annual salary: $77,587

Role in Customer Success Team: Management

Reports to: director of customer success operations, director of customer success, head of customer success


Director of Customer Success

Average annual salary: $156,985

Role in Customer Success Team: Management

Reports to: VP of Customer Success, Chief Customer Officer


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