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Custify lets you control and proactively manage your customers in real-time

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Manage and reduce SaaS churn to achieve sustainable MRR growth

Did you know that reducing your SaaS churn rate is probably one of the most important things you can do to grow your subscription business over time?

Custify helps you to reduce your churn rate. This way you grow your SaaS revenue as you scale over time.

On top of that Custify gives you the ability to drive increased contract value for your existing customers to achieve a negative churn rate.

Saas Churn Rate Comparison

Enable your customer success team intervene at the right time with the right message

Many of your clients churn because they didn’t get any value from your product, while others leave as they never successfully finish onboarding in the first place.

Custify enables your customer success team intervene at the right time with the right message.

Consequently, your clients receive valuable help when most needed.

Customer Success Software Use Cases

Increase customer success agent’s
efficiency by 50%

Half of the time your agents are gathering data about your clients.
Custify gathers all data automatically and presents all relevant customer success KPIs and client interactions in an easy to understand dashboard.
Make customer success management fun again and allow your agents spend most of their valuable time with clients.

Customer Success Software KPIs
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