Help clients that are stuck during onboarding

Some of your clients get stuck during the onboarding process.

Custify identifies these clients in real-time, so your Customer Success Agents can reach out.

Custify Customer Buckets

Make sure your product creates value

Create KPIs to tell Custify what it means for clients to be successful with your product.

A customer success agent reaching out at the right time with the right message makes the difference.

Custify Customer Success Agent

Increase trial to paid conversion

Custify identifies in real-time all clients whose trial is about to expire.

Contact these clients to increase trial to paid conversion.

Trial to paid Conversion

Reduce unwanted churn

Customers that have been using your product successfully over a longer period of time are still endangered to leave you. They might, for example, accidently just not have been updating their credit card information.

Losing these valuable clients is something you ultimately can avoid using Custify.

Reduce SaaS Churn

Identify upsell opportunities

Achieving negative churn is the ultimative growth recipe that is only possible by upselling additional paid services to your existing customers.

Custify lets you segment your audience so that each conversation you have is highly relevant. This way you will be much more effective in up- or cross selling.

Driving additional revenue per customer often comes much less expensively than new customer acquisition as you cut marketing or sales costs.

SaaS Upsell Opportunities


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