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Announcing Our Hubspot And Custify Integration

Updated on October 25, 2022 2 minutes read

Summary points:

We are excited to announce that Custify is now fully integrated with Hubspot. Our 2-way-integration allows users of Hubspot to synchronize their customers to Custify with just one click.

What Is Hubspot?

HubSpot is a developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing and sales – and also a CRM that hosts customer data.

How Do I Activate This Integration?

To activate the Custify-Hubspot-Integrations, simply login to your Custify account, go to Settings -> integrations and select “Hubspot”:

Activate the Custify-Hubspot-integration

Our integration works in two ways, and you are free to select which parts you want to get synchronized:

Pulling data from Hubspot into Custify
  • Import Contacts from HubSpot as People in Custify
  • Import Companies from HubSpot as Companies in Custify
  • Import Notes from HubSpot as Notes in Custify
  • Import Phone Calls from HubSpot as Notes with “Phone call” tag in Custify
  • Import Meetings from HubSpot as Notes with “In-person Meeting” tag in Custify
  • Import Tickets from HubSpot as Tickets in Custify
Pushing data from Custify into Hubspot
  • Export Notes from Custify as Notes in HubSpot
  • Export Health scores from Custify as Company attributes in HubSpot
  • Export Calculated metrics from Custify as Company attributes in HubSpot

Simply select which data you want to get synchronized and click on the “connect to Hubspot” button.

connect to Hubspot

You will be redirected to Hubspot to select which account you want to synchronize – simply follow the steps.

What Can You Achieve With This Integration?

  • Keep your contacts and companies in sync
Keep your contacts and companies in sync

Whenever you close a new deal and add a company and / or a contact, these will automatically flow into Custify – no developer efforts needed.

  • Synchronize tickets from Hubspot to Custify
Synchronize tickets from Hubspot to Custify

Your CSMs will always know the status of tickets and therefore be able to judge accounts much more efficient

  • Push customer health data and calculated metrics to Hubspot
Push customer health data

Make customer health data available for all your team and export health scores and metrics from Custify automatically into Hubspot

  • Keep notes from CSM team and sales team in sync
Custify is now integrated with Segment

Keep meeting minutes, notes, call transcripts and other interactions in sync between sales and customer success teams

No Coding Required

Our Hubspot integration is a simple plug-and-play integration with no coding efforts on your end. Simply pick your desired settings, authorize, and the real time data exchange between Hubspot and Custify begins.

Philipp Wolf

Written by Philipp Wolf

As the CEO of Custify, Philipp Wolf helps SaaS businesses deliver great results for customers. After seeing companies spend big money with no systematic approach to customer success, Philipp knew something had to change. He founded Custify to provide a tool that lets agents spend time with clients—instead of organizing CRM data.

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