Irina Vatafu

Irina Vatafu is the Lead Customer Success Manager at Custify. As an ANC Certified Trainer and a Customer Success Manager, Irina uses her technical background to better understand SaaS businesses and drive them to success.

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Best Free and Paid Customer Success Tools Every CSM Should Use

Customer success managers have a lot of responsibilities. According to a recent study, 48% of CSMs surveyed said …

Customer Success

How an Upskilling Strategy Can Level Up Your CSMs

There’s no need to beat around the bush – SaaS is changing. We’re seeing it all around us. …

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Customer Success

How to Build a Churn Prediction Model that Works

Our lives in customer success are in a constant state of guesstimating our customers’ sentiment as to our …

Customer Success

CSP: The Catalyst for Customer Success in SaaS

Amidst the chaos of Google Sheets reports and CRM clutter, lies the catalyst for customer success in your …


The guide to product adoption and why CSMs need to care

What makes a SaaS successful? Is it the glorious reviews? The buzz the product created when it first …

Customer Success

What’s the Cost-Benefit Analysis and How You Can Make the Best Use of It in SaaS & CS

When you’re looking to prioritize customer requests in customer success, it can be challenging to find the correct, …

SaaS Metrics

Top Customer Success OKRs to Use + OKR Spreadsheet Template

Let’s talk customer success objectives. Specifically, customer success OKRs. Be honest: how many times have you been uncertain …

SaaS Metrics

What is Net Dollar Retention (NDR) and How CSMs Can Improve it

Getting new users is no easy task. And it’s expensive. Not to mention time-consuming. Luckily, keeping the ones …

Customer Success

How to Prioritize Customer Needs and Stick to Your Budget

Prioritizing customer needs comes down to cost vs impact – but implementation will always depend on both CS and Product teams. Here’s what to consider.

Customer Success

SaaS Customer journey challenges and how to overcome them

Navigating the SaaS landscape? Then you know the customer journey isn’t merely a series of touchpoints—it’s the linchpin …

Customer Success

The Silent Architect: How Customer Success Influences Product Roadmaps

The product roadmap is not a one-and-done process. It’s an ongoing cycle of listening, learning, and iterating. Your …

Best Practices

Why Is No One Responding To Your Customer Success Managers?

Interacting with customers can be an anxiety-inducing rollercoaster ride. One of the lows of that ride can often …

SaaS Metrics

The Power of Time to Value (TTV): From Sign-up to Success

In a SaaS world where 80% of customers uninstall apps because they don’t understand how to use them, …

Customer Success

Explaining the RATER Model of Service Quality

Measuring the quality of customer service is a double-edged blade – it can be both useful and a …

Customer Success

SaaS Customer Onboarding Guide: Navigating Challenges and Driving Success

The definitive guide on how customer onboarding can fundamentally influence lifetime value, and to optimize for client retention and loyalty.

Customer Success

Master Customer Success Operations through Data-led Growth

In an ever-increasing number of insights we can pull from our survey on quiet quitting, we found that …

Customer Success

Make Low Touch Customer Success High Value with Automation

In our jobs as CSMs, it’s often the case that we’re overwhelmed – either by the number of …

Best Practices

Customer Outcomes – Unlock the Future-proof Measure of Customer Success

Measuring customer outcomes is now essential for business success. In the era of customer success, those unbothered to …

Customer Success

The Secret to Efficient EBRs for SaaS and Customer Success

The question of executive business reviews brings up an interesting debate: are EBRs even necessary? What about QBRs? …

Customer Success

Aligning with Customer Success – Promoting Cross-Departmental Collaboration

Unaligned goals and KPIs have been a challenge of customer success teams since day one. Sadly, even today …


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