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Customer Success Uncovered 2024 (CSM Insights Report)

Updated on March 15, 2024
Customer Success Uncovered 2024

Customer Success Uncovered 2024

Get the inside scoop on what CSMs really think about their jobs, salaries, and career prospects, as well as the current state of the customer success industry.

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Summary points:


2023 was not a great year…

A ‘perfect storm’ of factors combined to do serious damage to the global economy.

As a result, VC capital dried up, and ambitious SaaS companies everywhere had to learn to ‘do more with less’ and operate profitably.

The knock-on effect of this hit Customer Success harder than most, often leading to dramatic restructuring and widespread layoffs.

But, are things starting to look rosier again in 2024? Or can we expect more of the same over the next 12 months?

Introducing Customer Success Insights Report 2024

Following on from the success of our 2023 ‘Quiet Quitting’ survey, this year we wanted to do our own health check on the state of the CS space.

The aim is to help you discover real insights from CS professionals and consider how these trends match your own experience over the last 12 months and help influence the year ahead for you.

About the survey

To help us understand exactly what professionals in the customer success industry are thinking, we knew it was important for us to ask a wide range of questions to capture a true sense of the current sentiment.

So, we asked 24 highly probing, yet anonymous, questions to 430 CS pros. To make the results as relevant as possible, we excluded any responses from non-CS and non-CX professionals.

We chose the questions to help us build an accurate picture of what CSMs and CS pros are really thinking. As a result, this report covers:

✅ CSM role expectations
✅ Job satisfaction
✅ Salary
✅ The state of the wider customer success sector
✅ Internal support for CS
✅ The prospects for changing jobs in 2024.

Inside this 31-page report, you’ll get incredible insights and statistics that outline (amongst countless other things) why;

📈 83% of CSMs still only use basic tools like Excel every day.

📈 71% of CSMs didn’t change jobs in 2023, but 78% expect to take on a new role this year.

📈 18% of CSMs have seen their workload double due to restructuring and layoffs.

With special contributions from Rav Dhaliwal, Anika Zubair, Irina Vatafu and Alan Fecamp, this survey goes into great detail about the problems CS teams are facing and offers great insights into day-to-day CS challenges.

Who is this report for?

– If you’re a CS leader who wants to understand how both their peers and their team are likely to be feeling about customer success in 2024, this report is definitely for you.

– If you’re a CSM who wants to compare their hopes and fears with those of CSMs in other companies, this book is absolutely for you.

– If you’re a C-suite executive or business leader looking to understand the wider CS landscape outside of their own company, this book is 100% for you.

But don’t be put off if you don’t fall neatly into one of those categories. We’ve written this report to be accessible to everyone, even if you’re new to customer success.

So, regardless of what stage you’re at, you’re sure to get a lot out of reading our Customer Success Uncovered 2024 report.

What can you expect from the Customer Success Uncovered 2024 report?

Here at Custify, we’ve devised this customer success report to ensure that by the time you’ve finished reading it, you’ll be clear on exactly what your fellow customer success professionals think of the state of the industry in 2024.

As soon as you open up the report, you’ll quickly discover a whole host of sections designed to give you all the essential insights into what your peers really think of CS in 2024.

These include:
✅ Who answered the survey and where are they based?
✅ Is customer success still the ‘Everything’ department?
✅ Are CSMs happy in their role?
✅ How do CSMs measure success in their role?
✅ What are the biggest complaints of CSMs?
✅ CS salaries, bonuses, and raises
✅ Is Customer Success under pressure?
✅ How are CS workloads being impacted?
✅ Will CS roles change in future?
✅ Professional development in customer success
✅ Using the right tools for the job
✅ Is customer success getting internal support?
✅ Are CSMs changing jobs in 2024?

Our 2024 Customer Success Uncovered report not only gives you all the nitty gritty details on things like salaries – but also offers insights to help you join the dots and come to your own conclusions about the state of the CS sector and what the future holds for it.

These insights will be incredibly useful for a whole host of reasons, including:

  • If you’re thinking of breaking into CS in 2024
  • If you’re considering moving jobs this year
  • If you’re planning to grow your team and hire more CS professionals
  • If you want to understand your career or promotion prospects in CS
  • If you want to get a clear picture of how your compensation stacks up
  • If you want to get a handle on the common misgivings about the sector
  • And much, much, more…

Why you should download the report

We know that the past 12 months have been rough on the tech industry as a whole, and Customer Success in particular – but it looks like there is hope on the horizon.

Whether you’re in the industry, looking to break in, or looking to get back in after a layoff – It’s important to keep up with the latest developments in customer success as part of your own career development.

Understanding the views of your peers, alongside in-depth data on things like salary, bonuses, and professional development, is essential reading for CS professionals at every stage of their journey.

However, trying to track down all these data points on your own would be almost impossible. So we’ve put it all together in one easy-to-digest report that may only take a few minutes to read – but gives you back tons of incredible insights.

With the customer success job market more competitive than ever before, it pays to stay informed with the latest data and insights, just like you’ll find in our 2024 report.

So, what are you waiting for? Download your copy of the “Customer Success Uncovered 2024 Report” now.

Victor Antiu

Written by Victor Antiu

Victor Antiu is the Marketing Manager at Custify. With nearly 10 years experience, his focus is SEO, product marketing, and B2B inbound strategy. When he’s not trying to fix websites and automate processes, he’s traveling and sailing around the world.

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