Custify + Intercom

Integrate Intercom with Custify to enhance your client data and enable new segmentation, playbooks or health scores.

Intercom is a popular customer messaging app designed for sales, support, and marketing teams. Popular with startups and small to midsize businesses, this platform excels through its simplicity and modern user interface.

While available as separate products split by department, for many companies, Intercom is an all-in-one solution that connects marketing outreach campaigns with support and sales teams activity.

Among its most popular features are group conversations, customer context views, call-out collaborations, chat management, third-party integrations, knowledge base management, and lead qualification.

What can I do with Custify and Intercom?

  • Get alerts on incoming leads.
  • Check if certain clients have an unusual amount of open support chats.
  • Define lifecycle stages and auto-assign leads or clients to a CSM based on set stages.
  • Enrich your customer data in Intercom with health scores and calculated metrics from Custify.
  • Segment your customers based on data from Intercom. For instance, you can segment by open conversations, snoozed conversations, specific data events or last-heard-from date.
  • Build customer success playbooks based on the number of open conversations or last-heard-from date.
  • Create health scores based on customer interactions.

How does Intercom work with Custify?

There are two different options to import your data: “full” or “enhance.” These determine if Custify will treat Intercom as the primary source of truth for your data or just enhance the data with attributes, notes, calls, and so on. Our team will work with you in order to find the setup that best suits your use-case.

We import multiple data points for both companies and people:

  • Open conversations: Active tickets with their content and replies.
  • Snoozed conversations: Active tickets currently placed on hold until a particular date.
  • Closed conversations: Past and closed tickets along with their content.
  • Last contacted date: The last date a company or person was sent a notification or email.
  • Last heard from date: The last date that user or company replied or reached out.
  • The count of the company’s web sessions.
  • Data Events for People that are sent to intercom.

You can also push data like health scores and calculated metrics from Custify into Intercom.


Can I push data to Intercom?
Yes, you can push data from health scores as well as Calculated metrics from Custify towards Intercom.
Can I reply to Intercom leads in Custify?
Not at this time, but there is a link in Custify that will take you directly to the respective ticket in Intercom.
Can I auto-assign leads to a certain CSM based on set kpis?
Yes. For example, you can assign all people that have more than 10 open conversations to a special customer success manager that handles those customers.

How do I activate this integration?

  1. Sign in to your Custify account and navigate to the Integrations section.
  2. Select “Intercom.”
  3. intercom-integration

  4. Click “Connect to Intercom.” You will be forwarded to the Intercom page:
  5. intercom-permission

  6. Click “Authorize access.” You’ll be redirected back to Custify.
  7. Define the People primary ID field in Intercom (if required) and the Company primary ID field (if required).
  8. Start the first import.

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