Custify + Pipedrive

Integrate Pipedrive CRM with Custify to view and use organization and deal data. Track deal stage and make sure they get done with automated playbooks.

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management software focused on sales activities. It visualizes and helps optimize the sales pipeline by making sure the right leads are targeted and conversations don’t get lost. Designed with usability in mind, Pipedrive helps teams be proactive by organizing calls and emails across devices and calendars.

Pipedrive’s main feature is a visualization of the sales funnel from start to finish. The CRM also offers an intuitive interface with a deal-driven workflow, dedicated mobile apps, reminders with alerts, goal setting with reports, a powerful API, and many integrations.

What can I do with Custify and Pipedrive?

  • Enrich your user or organization data in Custify with data from Pipedrive.
  • Segment your customers based on data from Pipedrive (e.g., segment based on the deal’s pipeline stage or amount).
  • Define lifecycle stages based on the deal stage and make sure potential deals get closed on schedule.
  • Stay on track with tasks and alerts on critical deal events.
  • Build customer success playbooks based on the deal data. For example, you can set automated email sequences or assign different tasks to your customer success managers when certain stages are reached.
  • Have your calculated health scores and customer success metrics from Custify available in Pipedrive for your organization.

How does Pipedrive work with Custify?

There are two different options to import your data: “full” or “enhance.” These determine if Custify will treat Pipedrive as the primary source of truth for your data or just enhance the data with attributes, notes, calls, and so on. Our team will work with you to find the setup that best suits your use-case.

Custify can also import either from all available deals or just from deals that have a defined status (e.g., just the “Won” deals). Imported data can be used to improve segmentation, playbooks, or health scores.

From Pipedrive, we can import the following data points:

  • People: Enhance or add people from Pipedrive as People in Custify.
  • Organizations: Enhance or add organizations from Pipedrive as Companies in Custify.
  • Notes: Show notes written in Pipedrive as Notes in Custify.

We also export the following data:

  • Notes: Notes written in Custify as Notes in Pipedrive.
  • Health scores: Health scores from Custify as an organization field in Pipedrive.
  • Calculated metrics: Metrics from Custify as an organization field in Pipedrive. This is a flexible option, as you can create customized metrics based on many data points. For example, you might use the average number of logins per month.


Can I get notifications when leads move through the pipeline in Pipedrive?
In a way, yes! This can be built in Custify with segments and playbooks.

How can I activate this integration?

  1. Sign in to Custify and navigate to the Integrations section.
  2. Pipedrive

  3. Click “Connect to Pipedrive.”
  4. Sign in to your Pipedrive account and click “Authorize access.”

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