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The 22 Best Sales Tools to Fast-track Leads | 2022 List

Updated on February 22, 2023 11 minutes read

Summary points:

Sales tools are no longer just a “nice-to-have” today. They help sales reps do so much more, by either automating day-to-day operations, boosting sales efficiency across the board, or just simplifying various areas of a sales rep’s tasks to free up time that can be better spent on prospects and new transactions.

How Important Are Sales Tools?

As you scale your business’s growth, your tech stack will also invariably expand. However, deciding which sales tools to invest in may be a very daunting task.

There are so many sales tools types available today and within each category, there are dozens of specific tools to choose from.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best sales tools, ranging from the mandatory CRM software solutions to AI-driven tools and chat & engagement management software.

For each sales tool, we’ll highlight the features that put them on our radar and why they made it on the list. These can range from one-of-a-kind, innovative features, to those that have proven most useful for sales reps overall.

Here are our recommendations, in no particular order:

21. Salesforce


Tool Category: CRM software

Best Features:

  • Email Integration with Gmail or Outlook
  • Lead Registration and Rules-Based Lead Scoring
  • Pipeline and Forecast Management
  • Workflow and Approval Automation
  • Reports, Dashboards & Sales Analytics

Starting Price: $25 USD/user/month, billed annually

Not only is Salesforce the market leader in CRM software, but it also is the gold standard against which all new CRM products are measured.

You may have asked yourself: why is Salesforce so popular? It comes down to the number of highly customized and customizable integrations, as well as their very active community.

Salesforce offers four different editions: Essential, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited. You can choose the appropriate edition for your business by assessing various factors such as features of licenses, your business needs, pricing models, etc.

Salesforce has many capabilities to help small and large enterprises increase sales, automate operations, and enhance productivity. However, smaller businesses (that aren’t actively trying to scale) may find Salesforce more complex than necessary for their more basic needs.

From a Customer Success POV, with the data from Salesforce, you can segment your customers, define lifecycle stages and build playbooks based on data like annual revenue, and so much more.

20. Hubspot Sales Hub


Tool Category: Sales Automation Tool

Best Features:

  • Sales CRM
  • Sales Automation
  • Sales Engagement Tools
  • Quote and CPQ Functionality
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Email Tracking
  • Pipeline Management

Starting Price: free and premium plans, starting at $45 USD/month

The basic version of the HubSpot Sales Hub is a fan-favorite, as it’s free forever and it works well for every team, with the user-friendly design helping teams track crucial information at a glance.

HubSpot is a great option for people who don’t want to code or work with engineers. The platform, which is aimed at small businesses, offers a freemium model as well as a variety of add-ons.

By importing your data from Hubspot to your CS tool, you’ll be able to enhance customer success playbooks and define health scores.

19. Pipedrive


Tool Category: CRM software

Best Features:

  • Pipeline and Deals Management
  • Lead Generation Chatbot
  • Lead Qualification
  • Automation
  • Insights and reporting
  • Email and Communication Tracking

Starting Price: €12.50 USD/user/month, billed annually

Pipedrive is a CRM software that focuses on sales. It helps teams easily visualize leads and aids in the optimization of the sales pipeline. It also enables teams to be proactive by coordinating calls and emails across devices and calendars.

The standout feature of Pipedrive is its visual representation of the sales funnel from beginning to end, along with its intuitive interface with a deal-driven workflow.

Using the deal data from Pipedrive, you can build customer success playbooks. For example, you can set automated email sequences or assign different tasks to your CSMs when certain stages are reached.

However, setting up automated email sequences in Pipedrive translates to setting up trigger reminders to send an email, there is no actual option to set up email automation from within the platform.

18. Zoho CRM

zoho crm

Tool Category: CRM software

Best Features:

  • Process Management
  • Journey Orchestration
  • Sales Analytics
  • Performance Management
  • Predictive Sales
  • Customization

Starting Price: €14 USD/user/month, billed annually

Zoho is a flexible solution that helps B2B and B2C businesses of all sizes convert more leads, engage with customers, and increase revenue with ease.

Their CRM helps increase income through lead creation and client management. It’s a cost-effective sales tool with plenty of features to serve even the most overworked sales team.

With affordable pricing and an extensive set of features, Zoho CRM is a good fit for a wide range of businesses of varying sizes.

However many find themselves needing tech-savvy people simply to navigate the Zoho interface, an experience that can be challenging and not-very-user friendly.

Based on account types from Zoho, you can define lifecycle stages and make sure customers stay on track with tasks and alerts assigned to CSMs.

17. Close CRM


Tool Category: CRM software

Best Features:

  • Import Leads & Smart Data View
  • Built-in, Synced Email Communication
  • Automation
  • Pipeline, Lead, Account, and Tasks Management
  • Dashboards & Reports

Starting Price: $29 USD/user/month

Close CRM is a sales tool used by small- and medium-sized businesses that captures, nurtures, and converts leads into buyers, automating the sales process.

Besides its follow-ups automation feature, it also gives you easy-to-understand information on email delivery and open rates. Leads from other platforms can also be imported. The only thing that might not be ideal to be set up with Close CRM is the tracking of sales outreach processes and sequences.

Besides segmenting your customers based on data from Close, you can create health scores based on annual revenue or potential deal value and set alerts to your CSMs when these reach certain levels.

16. 6Sense


Tool Category: AI Account Engagement Platform

Best Features:

  • Persona Map
  • Account Insights & Activity Graphs
  • Patented AI Predictions for Timing
  • Dynamic, AI-Based Customer Journeys
  • Multi-Channel Digital Experiences
  • Account, Task Management

Starting Price: not provided

6Sense uses AI to predict when customers are ready to buy, allowing you to make use of intent data and extensive insights to proactively target the ideal accounts and close more deals.

6sense helps teams engage with the customer at the right time and make every conversation relevant, by figuring out how their prospects are engaging with different keywords, topics, website pages, and campaigns.


postal io

Tool Category: Sales Automation Tool

Best Features:

  • Direct Email Automation
  • Offline Marketing Automation
  • Demand Generation
  • Personalized Triggers & Gifts

Starting Price: not provided is a customer engagement-boosting automated direct mail and gifting software that interfaces with your marketing automation and sales enablement systems.

By sending customized mail and e-gifts through, sales reps can add greater value to their outreach, and, as a result, attract more qualified prospects and hot leads soon to be closed.

If integrated with your CS tool, can help you create customer playbooks, by deploying email drip campaigns or assigning certain tasks to your CSMs. But sometimes things can get a little confusing when is used across sales and CS teams.

14. Proposify


Tool Category: Sales Productivity Tool

Best Features:

  • Proposal Analytics
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Content Library
  • Design Editor
  • Interactive Pricing

Starting Price: free and premium plans

Proposify is a sales tool used for creating customized proposals, agreements, and contracts, and its main purpose is to check and make sure the team’s messaging, pricing, and workflows stay consistent and on-brand with the company.

Proposify’s Content Library is full of templates that help speed up the whole process altogether, ensuring only impressive proposals are being sent and more deals are being closed. Keep in mind though that having lots of templates to choose from doesn’t always mean building a proposal will take less time than doing it from scratch.

13. VoilaNorbert

Tool category: email finder and email verification tool

Best features:

  • Easy to use, you just need a name an a domain of your lead;
  • First 50 searches are free;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Comes with email enrichment feature
  • Precise and accurate.

Pricing: First 50 searches are free. After that plans start from $49 per month.

VoilaNorbert helps you find any corporate email addresses, manage your leads and gain a lot of time spent on creating an email list. It allows you to find leads, email addresses and contact information on any websites simply by clicking on a button. All your leads can then be exported, added into custom-made lists and/or contacted directly from Norbert with advanced tracking tools to know if they opened or even clicked on your emails.

VoilaNorbert lets you find any corporate email address, but also has a feature of verifying addresses in bulk and an email enrichment feature.

12. LeadIQ


Tool Category: Sales Prospecting Tool

Best Features:

  • Prospecting Workflow
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Enterprise-Grade Governance
  • Automation
  • Custom Field Mapping
  • Advanced Database Search

Starting Price: free and premium plans, starting at $60 USD/user/month

LeadIQ is designed to organize and sequence all outbound prospecting contact information.

It works by first helping teams identify a target account and finding it on LinkedIn Sales Navigator with LeadIQ. Then, it narrows the number of people on your contact list and looks for other similar contacts, and saves their information. You’ll be able to capture new leads just by browsing LinkedIn or any other similar website.

The only feature that we found missing with LeadIQ is that it doesn’t provide as many integration options as other sales tools out there on the market.

11. Intercom


Tool Category: CRM / WebChat

Best Features:

  • Group Conversations
  • Customer Context Views
  • Call-Out Collaborations
  • Chat Management
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Knowledge Base Management
  • Lead Qualification

Starting Price:

For sales, support, CS, and marketing teams of startups and small- to middle-sized businesses, Intercom is a popular customer messaging platform, especially because of its user-friendly interface.
While Intercom is accessible as a separate solution for different departments, for many businesses, it is an all-in-one solution that links marketing outreach activities with support and sales.
When integrated with your Customer Success tool, Intercom will enable you to segment your customers based on data from Intercom such as the number of open conversations, snoozed conversations, or last-heard-from date.

10. Custom Chatbots from Intercom

custom chatbots by intercom

Tool Category: Chatbot Tool

Best Features:

  • Business Messenger Engagement Tools
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Live Chat
  • Support Bot
  • Product Tours
  • Campaign Builder

Starting Price: from $67 USD/month, billed annually

Intercom’s chatbots for sales are meant to help business boost their sales pipeline by starting chats with high-value website visitors, as well as qualifying and routing leads.

With these chatbots, you can create custom paths by looking at visitor data. This means every lead is routed to the proper conclusion, whether that’s booking a demo, signing up for a webinar, or interacting with a sales rep in real-time.

Using custom bots, customers get the help they need before they feel the need to reach out to support.

9. Salesloft


Tool Category: Outreach Workflow & Automation Tool

Best Features:

  • Sales Analytics & Reporting
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Cadence & Automation
  • Lead Nurturing Management
  • Sales Playbooks

Starting Price: not provided

Salesloft is a sales acceleration & CRM platform that helps sales teams from B2B companies to capture leads and close more deals, by ensuring high-value touches go out to every customer.

Salesloft helps manage every interaction between sales reps and prospects. Just beware that Cadences are intentionally more user-based processes. So if you’re looking for a more dynamic automatic option, Salesloft might not be the best tool for you.

With data-driven insights around email personalization and real-time tips on increasing inbound performance, Salesloft plans to power your overall sales success.


Tool Category: Sales Prospecting & Automation Tool

Best Features:

  • Linkedin Prospects​
    Extract unlimited emails from LinkedIn/Sales Navigator
  • B2B Database Enrichment
    Unlimited access to 15M+ companies & 575M+ emails
  • Email Finder
    Find verified emails with a list of names and companies
  • Google My Business Scraper
    Scrape emails, phone numbers & websites from the map
  • Website Scraper
    Scrape generic contact and social handles from websites
  • Drip Email Automation
    Send hyper-personalized emails with automated follow-ups

Starting Price: Starter pack $39 per month

All outbound prospecting contact information is organized and presented in a logical order by GrowMeOrganic. The sequence is a feature that users love since it encourages continued interaction with prospects.

Every sales rep is able to stay on top of their duties because of GrowMeOrganic’s workflows. From a Business standpoint, GrowMeOrganic offers proactive health checks and sales frameworks that can be applied to increase client success.

The user-friendly interface of GrowMeOrganic makes it simple for beginners to use. It is now the most affordable B2B sales prospect marketing solution on the market. Additionally, it can be used to extract emails from websites like LinkedIn.

You may also use this application to verify the list of email addresses you’re pulling from the various platforms.


Tool Category: Outreach Workflow & Automation Tool

Best Features:

  • Sales Engagement Automation
  • AI-Driven Data Intelligence
  • Pipeline Workflows
  • Custom Playbooks
  • Sequences

Starting Price: not provided

As its name states, is a tool that helps you build outreach processes. Sequences is a fan-favorite feature because it helps drive further engagement with prospects. The platform offers a lot of options and places on the dashboard to execute similar tasks, so it might become a little bit confusing at times.

With the use of playbooks and workflows, manages to keep every sales rep on top of their tasks. From a CS POV, provides proactive health checks and sales playbooks which can then be used to drive further success for customers.

6. Troops

Tool Category: Sales Engagement Tool

Best Features:

  • Workflow Automation
  • Integration With Messaging Apps
  • Customized Notifications
  • Troops Command
  • Deal Rooms

Starting Price: $19 USD/user/month

Troops is a sales communication software that helps businesses with sales, customer acquisition, and customer retention. It integrates all of your messaging apps to your CRM tool, putting all of your customers, prospects, leads, and the communication with them, in one place where all your team members can see and access the data easily.

Troops keeps track of all of your databases and record-keeping systems. It also alerts your team if anything happens that may have an impact on your revenue, such as an urgent support ticket, allowing reps to take action immediately.

5. InsightSquared


Tool Category: Sales Forecasting and Sales Analysis Tool

Best Features:

  • Pipeline Management
  • One-stop Dashboard
  • Sales Performance Analytics & Reports
  • Revenue Intelligence
  • Customized Sales Rep Coaching

Starting Price: not provided

InsightSquared is a sales, marketing, and customer success revenue intelligence platform. It is really complex and sophisticated, so it might sometimes require maintenance from an operations person.

The platform automatically syncs deals and engagement details right within your CRM tool. It powers teams with actionable, real-time intelligence on sales KPIs.

To help you better understand how different elements of your business (e.g. sales predictions and product roadmaps) are performing, InsightSquared combines data from rep-to-customer conversations (e.g. transcripts or talk time) with lifecycle data.

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Tool Category: Sales Prospecting Tool

Best Features:

  • Advanced Lead & Company Search
  • Alerts On Saved Leads And Accounts
  • Custom Lists
  • CRM Updates with Data Validation
  • Share Content And Track Engagement

Starting Price: $79.99 USD/user/month, billed annually

LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows sales reps to tap into their massive network, helping them to identify qualified leads on LinkedIn and personalizing outreach efforts right on the platform.

Reps are routed to the most appropriate prospects using advanced lead and company search tools. LinkedIn can also help find the correct people to contact at specific target accounts.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is easy to integrate with CRM tools, thus making it easy to log and align all prospect and account data from one place.

3. Freshworks CRM


Tool Category: CRM Software

Best Features:

  • Automation for Auto-Assignment Rules, Sales Sequences
  • Pipeline Management
  • Omnichannel Communication
  • Deal Insights with AI-Curated Data

Starting Price: free and premium options

Freshworks CRM (previously Freshsales) is a CRM solution with a user-friendly interface and a robust feature set for sales and marketing.

The key feature of the platform is a native lead scoring module that assists salespeople in prioritizing the relevant leads. Lead management, account and contact management, business management and monitoring, alerts and automation, and a variety of integrations are all available.

Freshworks CRM is a fantastic choice for businesses that want to get their sales up and running quickly thanks to its wide feature set.

2. Zapier


Tool Category: Automation

Best Features:

  • Customizable Zaps
  • Free Templates Library
  • Extendable workflows
  • Built-in automation to send emails, filter tasks, convert data, etc

Starting Price: free and premium options

Zapier is an automation tool that does a lot of the hard lifting. Teams can use Zapier to link apps and automate a variety of operations. This can be accomplished without the need for coding or the assistance of a dev.

Zapier helps business owners and developers achieve a more efficient workflow. Zapier allows a wide range of products to interact even if they lack native integration. MailChimp, Slack, Gmail, and Trello are some of the more common connectors.

Zapier allows users to trigger workflows that pass data from one app to another. It’s an essential automation tool for sales.

1. Segment


Tool Category: Data Analytics Tool

Best Features:

  • Email Personalization Based On User Behavior
  • Propensity Modeling
  • Omnichannel Messaging
  • Real-time Audiences

Starting Price: free and premium options

Segment is a dev-tool that handles data created by cloud-based applications. The tool assists in the collection of client data and the transmission of organized data to analytics platforms such as MixPanel and Google Analytics.

However, without the support of third-party tools like Stripe, Twilio, and Salesforce, Segment’s raw data is incomplete.

Segment supports multiple languages and is a bit pricy, thus it’s normally only used by large companies.

Special Feature – Custify


Tool Category: Customer Success

Best Features:

  • Customer Health Scores
  • Customer 360
  • Dashboards & Reports
  • Automation
  • Surveys, Tasks & Alerts

Starting Price: not provided

Retention, upsells, and cross-sells are part of the Customer Success team’s responsibilities in most modern business, not the Sales team, or, at best, a joint effort of the two departments.

That’s exactly where a CS tool comes in. The Customer Service team is in charge of identifying upsell and cross-sell chances during customer discussions or by analyzing product usage stats; then, depending on the task’s complexity, Sales can step in.

Not only does Custify help with the handover process from Sales to CS, but it also helps with onboarding, lifecycle tracking, custom playbooks, and workflows creation. It also helps to proactively reach out to customers that have not yet discovered the full value of the product or service you’re offering.

Even though Custify is still a pretty small business compared to the other tools mentioned on this list, that doesn’t stop us from giving it our all to care for our customers and help them drive further success with their businesses.

Setting Up Your Sales For Success

At the end of the day, your own sales teams know more about what they need than anyone else. So be sure to talk to them while you’re choosing, setting up, and maintaining your sales tools, whether they be CRM, automation tools, AI-driven platforms, or chatbots.

Your sales tools can drive immense growth for your business. Especially when you pair them with the right customer success platform.

Want to find out how Custify can do just that & make your customer success program even more effective? Click the “Request Demo” button on the top of the page & let’s talk!

Victor Antiu

Written by Victor Antiu

Victor Antiu is the Marketing Manager at Custify. With nearly 10 years experience, his focus is SEO, product marketing, and B2B inbound strategy. When he’s not trying to fix websites and automate processes, he’s traveling and sailing around the world.

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