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Improving Customer Communication for CS Eguide

March 15, 2024
Customer Communication for CS eGuide

Customer Communication for CS eGuide

Find out how to better communicate with customers and increase engagement

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Summary points:

Effective communication is the key component of any successful customer relationship.

In fact, 72% of business leaders believe that effective communication has also increased their team’s productivity.

So, it’s clear that customer communication is critical for the success of your business, but what exactly is it?

What is customer communication anyway?

It’s not just about conveying information; instead, communication is about building trust, setting expectations, and guiding your customers through their journey with your product or service.

However, despite your best intentions, making sure all your customer communication is high-quality and personalized can become increasingly difficult to manage as businesses scale.

This leads to inconsistent experiences for your customers and the potential for them to churn as a result.

Getting customer communication right doesn’t have to be complicated. With a little thought and structure around how you and your CSMs should converse with customers, it’ll transform not just your communication approach – but also the amount of time it takes to achieve even better results.

With the right tools in place (such as CSP technology) to support you with your customer communication improvement initiatives, you can expect to see a number of time-saving benefits, like:

✅Centralized communication
✅ Automated messaging
✅ Real-time notifications
✅ Customer surveys
✅ 360° view of the customer

On the other hand, though, persisting with an unstructured approach to customer communication and failing to leverage tools to help will result in you and your CSMs facing an avalanche of time-sapping, morale-draining issues, like:

❌ Fragmented communication
❌ Labour-intensive messaging
❌ Reactive issue-response
❌ Chasing customers for feedback
❌ Juggling data from multiple sources

To combat these issues and enjoy the benefits of enhanced levels of customer communication, you should take the time to consider how a customer success platform (CSP) – such as Custify – can help transform both your comms processes and your entire customer journey.

Introducing our latest eBook

open book customer communication

Navigating and then improving your entire customer journey is a big topic. So to help you, we’ve prepared a series of mini-guide eBooks that break down some of the individual challenges you’ll face along the way and go on to detail how CSP technology can help you overcome them.

Our guide to customer communication is the latest edition in a series that also includes:

  1. Transforming internal handoffs to make them smooth every time
  2. Streamlining QBRs and creating reviews that add value to your customers
  3. Improving customer communications to boost satisfaction and retention
  4. Creating high-quality personalized experiences your customers will love
  5. Leveraging data to take your customer journey to the next level
  6. Using smart automation to make your CSMs more efficient

As well as this, we’ve written a full-length eBook that goes into more detail on all 6 topics to give a total view of all the issues and solutions across your customer journey.

Regardless of whether you choose either our full-length eBook or download our individual mini-guides, they’re all 100% free and written specifically to give you, the CSM, key insights and strategies to improve CX across your customer journey and make your team more efficient by using CSP technology.

Who is this eBook for?

  • If you’re a CS leader who wants to overhaul how their team communicates with customers to improve results, this book is definitely for you.
  • If you’re a CSM who wants to start thinking more strategically about how to maximize your customer relationships, this book is absolutely for you.
  • If you’re a C-suite executive or business leader looking to explore ways to protect your organization against churn, this book is 100% for you.

But don’t be put off if you don’t fall neatly into one of those categories. We’ve written our eBooks to be accessible to everyone, even if you’re still ‘learning the ropes’ of customer success. So, regardless of what stage you’re at, you’ll get a lot out of reading our mini-guide to improving customer communication.



What can you expect from this mini-guide to customer comms?

Here at Custify, we’ve devised this mini-guide to ensure that by the time you’ve finished reading it, you’ll be clear on exactly how to overcome customer communication issues by leveraging CSP technology.

As soon as you open up the eBook, you’ll quickly get clarity on 5 key issues that we’ve identified as being both problematic and time-consuming when it comes to customer communication.

These include:

How fragmented communication not only makes your teams’ jobs more difficult but also causes irreparable damage to the experience for customers.

How manually messaging your customers is a highly ineffective use of your CSMs’ time and suggestions on how to free them up to add more value to customers.

How reactive responses to issues and milestones can slowly erode your relationship with your customers – and how to avoid it.

How chasing customers for feedback can become something of a fool’s errand without help and support from automated processes.

Our customer communication mini-guide then helps to address these issues by identifying solutions you can implement by using a customer success platform to do the ‘heavy lifting’ for you.

As if that wasn’t enough, once you implement some of our suggestions, your CSMs will be able to claim back hours of time from ‘busy work’ each week, so they can focus their time on ‘moving the needle’ for their customers instead.

Get Expert Perspectives

This mini-guide on customer communication has been written as one part of a series purposefully crafted for Customer Success professionals. But don’t just take our word for it, we’ve also included expert insights from fellow CS pros and influencers, including:

We’ve done this so that between the expert insights we’ve uncovered and the in-depth information we’ve added to this ‘Customer Communication’ mini-guide, you’ll and your team will be armed with everything you need to tackle customer communication issues head on.

Why you should download our eBook

These days, CSMs aren’t just ‘churn busters’ – they’re responsible for everything from product adoption to customer retention and even revenue expansion.

However, there are only so many hours in a day, and the risk is that without proper systems and processes in place, CSMs won’t be able to meet all their objectives.

This will result in burned-out and underperforming CSMs, higher than-forecast levels of churn, and significant reductions in growth through expansion revenue.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though.

Our mini-guide to improving customer communication – the latest in a 6-part series that covers the entire customer journey – gives you everything you need to radically improve the situation both for your CSMs and your customers.

The eBook goes step by step into how you can use a CSP like Custify – one of Europe’s leading customer success platforms – to overhaul customer communication, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce customer churn.

So, what are you waiting for? Download your copy of “Improving CS Communication with Customers” now:


Philipp Wolf

Written by Philipp Wolf

As the CEO of Custify, Philipp Wolf helps SaaS businesses deliver great results for customers. After seeing companies spend big money with no systematic approach to customer success, Philipp knew something had to change. He founded Custify to provide a tool that lets agents spend time with clients—instead of organizing CRM data.

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