Custify + AWS Athena

Integrate AWS Athena with Custify to pull data such as Event, People, and Companies and to analyze and manage it in Custify.

AWS Athena is a serverless, interactive query service that makes it easy to analyze data directly in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) using standard SQL. Athena is built on Presto, an open-source distributed SQL query engine optimized for low-latency, interactive data analysis.

Athena allows you to run SQL queries to analyze large datasets without the need for complex data processing or infrastructure management, making it a popular choice for data analysis and exploration.

How Does AWS Athena Work with Custify?

Custify integrates seamlessly with AWS Athena, enabling you to extract People, Events, and Companies directly from your data stored in Amazon S3. By connecting Athena with Custify, you can map your source data to Custify’s data objects, ensuring that your customer success team has up-to-date information for analysis and customer management.

Custify synchronizes data hourly by default, making it accessible for real-time insights and actions.

How Do I Activate This Integration?

  1. Sign in to Custify and navigate to the Integrations page.
  2. Select the Data Warehouse integration.
  3. Click New Sync and then New Source, and select AWS Athena.
  4. Fill out your connection information.
    • Provide the necessary details to connect to your AWS Athena instance, including the access key, secret key, and the region your data is stored in.
  5. Select which Custify object you want to create from your data: People, Events, or Companies.
  6. Select the source data in your Athena-managed Amazon S3 bucket.
    • Choose the database and table in AWS Athena that contains your source data.
  7. Map the fields in your source data to the fields expected by Custify.
    • Map your Athena data fields to Custify’s data objects to ensure proper synchronization and data integrity.

By setting up this integration, your customer success team can leverage the power of AWS Athena and Custify to gain real-time insights and drive customer engagement and retention strategies effectively.

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