Custify + Rudderstack

Integrate Rudderstack with Custify to turn your raw customer data into rich actionable insights for your customer success team, from customer health scores to product usage metrics.

Rudderstack is an event streaming platform that allows developers to set up automated customer data pipelines between their app or website and their data analytics tools.

While Ruddestack can automate the entire data transfer process, it requires integration with additional third-party tools to turn this raw customer data into digestible insights that marketing, support, and customer success teams can leverage.

To unlock those CS data insights, integrate Rudderstack with Custify!

What Can I Do With Custify And Rudderstack?

  • Collect and manage customer data from a variety of sources including web and mobile applications
  • Create customer segments with data points channeled from Rudderstack to Custify such as userID, email, phone, name, and other traits
  • Gain a better understanding of your customers with relevant tracked events and customer details
  • Create customer success playbooks based on your customer segments and customer data insights
  • Set up customer health score KPIs with tracked event data

How Does Rudderstack Work With Custify?

Once you connect Rudderstack to Custify, all of your customer data will sync and will be displayed in your Customer 360 dashboard. Your tracked events from Rudderstack, such as CTA clicks or form submissions, will start to automatically flow to Custify, where your Customer Success team will be able to analyze and manage them.


Do I need to set up a Rudderstack account?

Yes, you will need to sign up for Rudderstack before integrating it with Custify.

How much does Rudderstack cost?

Rudderstack pricing starts at $500 a month, but there is also a free plan available that includes up to 1 million events per month, 15+ SDK sources, and 180+ cloud destinations.

Does Rudderstack support ETL pipelines?

Yes, ETL and reverse ETL pipelines are available in Rudderstack under the Growth plan.

How Can I Start The Integration?

  1. Open your Rudderstack dashboard and add the source of the data you’re looking to stream
  2. Open the list of destinations and select Custify
  3. Assign a name to the destination and click “Continue”
  4. Enter your Custify API key to authenticate the integration (the key can be generated on the Custify API access page)

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