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7 Sales Methodologies For SaaS & How to Pick the One For Your Business

SaaS sales leaders may employ a specialized sales model to train and scale their team in some circumstances. …

SaaS Metrics

What Is Customer Satisfaction Score and How to Make the Most of It?

In our day and age, every review, social media post, or other user-generated content has the potential to …

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How To Write A Top Customer Success Manager Resume

Do you believe you have the skills and abilities to guide prospects from the sales process to become …


The 21 Best Sales Tools to Fast-track Leads | 2022 List

Sales tools are no longer just a “nice-to-have” today. They help sales reps do so much more, by …

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What Is Customer Relationship Mapping & How to Do It Right?

B2B relationships between two large organizations can be quite intricate as they often involve multiple key stakeholders from …


The Outstanding Guide to Customer Success Strategy

Everything you need to know about creating your first customer success strategy – free pdf guide.

Customer Success

What’s the Difference Between Your CRM and Customer Success Software?

Companies have been implementing Customer Relationship Management strategies to boost product sales for a while now. However, in …

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How to Determine Buyer Intent For Your SaaS Products

You already understand the importance of customer behavior and how it helps you draw new users to your …

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How to Apologize to a Customer | Tips, Tricks + Apology Letter Examples

Whether you’re working in customer support, service, or success, most of your career is dedicated to helping your …

Customer Success

Is Customer Success a Good Career? Yes. Let’s Explain Why!

Customer Success is a relatively new role that has emerged with the movement towards subscription-based software models. Although …

Customer Success

Best in-person Customer success events to attend in 2022

Attending events and conferences is a must for any customer success professional. These events offer you amazing opportunities, …

Customer Success

Tech-touch can be the new high-touch in customer success

The SaaS market is currently growing by 18% each year and 99% of businesses use at least one …

Customer Success

The 13 Best Customer Success Podcasts to Grow Your Career | 2022 List

Podcasts are a simple and fun way to stay in touch with the new concepts and ideas in …

Customer Success

2021 Customer Success Year in Review – Best News, Resources & Trends

Last year’s impact on the customer success industry was significant, to say the least. Businesses are progressively grappling …

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Why You Need Good SaaS Offboarding Tactics Webinar

On our blog, we often talk about the importance of having a great onboarding process. That’s because, during …

Customer Success

5 Daily Habits of Great Customer Success Managers that Make a Huge Difference

Which fundamental skills can you develop to go beyond expectations and become a great CSM? Here are the 5 daily habits you should focus on.

Best Practices

Examples of Customer Success Marketing for SaaS Teams

Customer marketing, or retention marketing, focuses on providing dedicated content to support the customer’s success mission. Here are six examples of such tactics.

Customer Success

2021 Customer Success Industry Market Statistics, Salaries, and Growth

The impact last year had on the customer success industry was a significant one. Tech startups and SaaS …

SaaS Metrics

Creating an Ideal Remote Working Experience For Customer Success Teams

Learn tips and best practices to manage your customer success team remotely with great efficiency.

Customer Success

The 20 Essential Customer Success Books for the Modern CSM | 2022 Updated List

We found the essential customer success books every CSM needs to read. Pick your next read and discover the latest tactics to reduce churn and grow revenue.

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