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Best Practices

How Customer Success Teams Should Use Video to Improve Onboarding

Successful customer onboarding relies on two essential factors: information and its delivery. Among various communication methods, the video …

Customer Success

Explaining the RATER Model of Service Quality

Measuring the quality of customer service is a double-edged blade – it can be both useful and a …


Upselling and Cross-selling guide for SaaS

Discover how to use cross-selling and upselling in SaaS to increase Average Order Value (AOV) and boost your revenue.

SaaS Metrics

What Is Expansion MRR & How to Calculate It [Formula, Examples + Benchmarks]

To reach their ever-evolving revenue growth targets, SaaS businesses have been primarily putting the bulk of their efforts …

Customer Success

SaaS Customer Onboarding Guide: Navigating Challenges and Driving Success

The definitive guide on how customer onboarding can fundamentally influence lifetime value, and to optimize for client retention and loyalty.

Customer Success

Most Important Questions CSMs Should Ask Their Customers

Let me ask you something: what’s the one colloquial idiom that also qualifies as a CS best practice? …

Best Practices

How to Improve Your Free Trial Conversion Rate (+Examples)

SaaS companies often offer free trials in an effort to boost their conversion rates. As they give users …

SaaS Metrics

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC): How to Calculate, Interpet & Optimize It [Formula + Examples]

There is one ailment that many B2B SaaS companies, especially smaller ones, suffer from. It often costs them …

Webinars and Podcasts

Structuring your CS team in the age of AI and automation | Webinar

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic nowadays because of its growing popularity in various industries. In this webinar, …

Webinars and Podcasts

Forecastr’s Transformative Journey with Custify | Customer Webinar

In this customer webinar we dive into the remarkable story of how Forecastr significantly reduced churn by 50% through a strategic application of Custify’s insights.

Customer Success

ChatGPT in Customer Success: Practical Examples & Limitations

ChatGPT has taken many industries by storm, and customer success is no exception. But let’s be pragmatic — …

Customer Success

Master Customer Success Operations through Data-led Growth

In an ever-increasing number of insights we can pull from our survey on quiet quitting, we found that …

Best Practices

Brand Reputation Management: How to Make Your SaaS Brand Shine

Money can’t buy a good reputation – one has to earn it. The same goes for businesses and …

Best Practices

What Is Revenue Operations & Why RevOps Is Crucial for SaaS

Proper organizational alignment is the key to success for any SaaS business. In fact, aligned organizations report a …

Best Practices

How to Collect and Use Customer Intelligence

Business decisions, from product ideation to marketing strategy and customer care, are dependent on customer preferences. To understand …

Webinars and Podcasts

The Role of Data in CS: Leveraging Insights to Drive Better Outcomes | Webinar

Customer data and the insights it provides are crucial to the success of any SaaS organization. Unfortunately, many …

Best Practices

Why Social Listening Matters for Customer Satisfaction

Being a mature company or a startup, you should treat your social media as something other than a …

Best Practices

8 Killer Strategies To Manage Customer Expectations

In today’s business landscape, customers are more informed and demanding than ever before due to the rise in …

Best Practices

Top Challenges Faced By Account Managers

Did you know that businesses that implemented account managers have seen a 34% increase in profitability? However, achieving …

Customer Success

Your Champion Has Left the Company — How Do You Ensure Retention?

Champions are what a CSM’s dreams are made of. They love your product, they love working with you, …


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