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SaaS Metrics

Customer Retention Cost: How to Reduce CRC and Drive Loyalty

When a SaaS company thrives, it does so because it has customers. But when those customers start to …

Customer Success

Speaking the Customer Success language: A to Z CS terminology

Every industry and job comes with a specific set of terms and buzzwords. When we are talking about …

Best Practices

Customer Service Experience: Definition and Examples

Imagine you’ve emptied your business coffers to develop the best product and provide services that leave your competitors …

Best Practices

Why Is No One Responding To Your Customer Success Managers?

Interacting with customers can be an anxiety-inducing rollercoaster ride. One of the lows of that ride can often …

SaaS Metrics

From PLG to Hybrid SaaS: How to Scale Your Support, Sales & Success Teams

Product-led growth (PLG) and sales-led growth (SLG) are two very different approaches to growing a SaaS business. While …


Best SaaS Payment Processing Service | Top Solutions for 2024

If you’re in the business world, especially within the SaaS space, you’re no stranger to the monumental shift …

Best Practices

Unlocking customer-led growth with customer insights

In the SaaS world, knowing what your customers want isn’t just nice to have—it’s essential. Want to boost …

Best Practices

Value Realization Framework in SaaS: A Strategy to Exceed Customer Expectations

Profitability in SaaS is more often than not a tightrope act between development, marketing, and customer success. And …

Best Practices

14 Proven Ways to Shorten Your SaaS Sales Cycle in 2023

SaaS sales cycles are long and frustrating for companies like yours. But you’re on the right page to …

SaaS Metrics

The Power of Time to Value (TTV): From Sign-up to Success

In a SaaS world where 80% of customers uninstall apps because they don’t understand how to use them, …

Customer Success

Account Expansion: What It Is, Why It’s Important, and Strategies to Make It Happen

Achieving sustainable growth is the ultimate pursuit of any business. In the competitive world of SaaS, it’s all …


The Best Customer Self-Service Solutions

79% of customers expect organizations to provide self-service solutions to their questions and issues. Meanwhile, 77% say they …

Customer Success

54 SaaS Customer onboarding and retention statistics you need to know

Providing a great customer onboarding experience is crucial in the SaaS industry. If your customers have their a-ha …

Webinars and Podcasts

Streamline, engage, and track – ChartMogul’s secrets | Webinar

Discover ChartMogul’s strategies for high-value customer success in this webinar. Find out how Custify can help you reduce churn.


Founder’s Cheat Sheet to SaaS Pricing Models and Strategies

Here’s the only deep dive into SaaS pricing strategies and models you’ll ever need containing examples with pros and cons for each.


Business Productivity Tools You Need To Use

Steve Jobs famously said that you cannot mandate productivity, you must provide the tools to let people become …

SaaS Metrics

Customer Experience Vs. User Experience: Differences, Similarities & Importance

Customer experience (CX) and User experience (UX) are two marketing terms often used interchangeably in the business world. …

Best Practices

How Customer Success Teams Should Use Video to Improve Onboarding

Successful customer onboarding relies on two essential factors: information and its delivery. Among various communication methods, the video …

Customer Success

Explaining the RATER Model of Service Quality

Measuring the quality of customer service is a double-edged blade – it can be both useful and a …


Cross-selling and upselling – the ultimate guide for SaaS

When it comes to growing any business’ revenue, everybody’s got an opinion. Search online, and you’ll get a …


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