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ROI Unpacked: Providing the Revenue-driven Value of CS | Webinar

Join CS experts De’Edra Williams and Saahil Karkera as they discuss data insights, CS-Sales alignment, and AI in our latest Custify webinar.

Customer Success

Customer Testimonials: How to Use Them Effectively

Customer testimonials are a very strong social signal. The only challenge is that you need to create testimonials that are convincing, honest, and relatable.

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Personalizing CX eGuide: How to make your customers feel special using a CSP

Creating personalized experiences for your customers doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right tools in place (such as a CSP) to support you with your personalization initiatives, you can expect to see several benefits.

Customer Success

The Leadership Blueprint for a Customer-Centric Organization

Customer-centricity has become a hallmark of successful businesses in today’s highly competitive market. The tiny word “Customer-centricity” is …

Customer Success

How Value Moments Drive Growth and Customer Success

Let us begin with a few eye-opening statistics. Emplifi reports that 61% of customers will pay at least …

SaaS Metrics

Top 10 Workflow Automation Tools

Companies invest heavily in recruiting, onboarding, and retaining top talent. In fact, according to an SHRM report, the …

Customer Success

Why Is Customer Success Important to You? CS Leaders Answer

We live in an age where the importance of customer success and its vital role within an organization …


Best Free and Paid Customer Success Tools Every CSM Should Use

Customer success managers have a lot of responsibilities. According to a recent study, 48% of CSMs surveyed said …

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Customer Success

How an Upskilling Strategy Can Level Up Your CSMs

There’s no need to beat around the bush – SaaS is changing. We’re seeing it all around us. …

Best Practices

Winning the Customer Game: How Sales Intelligence Boosts Conversions

If you’re like most customer-facing companies, you’ll feel like you spend most of your time thinking about how …


Top Project Management Tools for SaaS Teams

Missed communications, crossed wires, lost documents, deadline pushbacks – the threats of a mismanaged project lurk around every …

Webinars and Podcasts

Navigating the Goodbyes: Tactical steps for handling post churn | Webinar

It’s essential to have a process ready for when a client decides to leave. Our webinar will provide strategies to manage churned customers, ensuring a smooth transition and leaving the door open.


Improving Customer Communication for CS Eguide

Enhance your CS team’s customer communication. Discover strategies to boost engagement and reduce churn using a CSP in our free eBook.

Customer Success

CSM Ratio: One-to-Many vs One-to-One vs Many-to-One vs Many-to-Many

If you’ve ever been at a loss when deciding how many accounts to assign per CSM or vice-versa, …


Best user onboarding tools for 2024

It’s important to make a good first impression and for the SaaS customer journey, the onboarding process is …

Customer Success

How to Build a Churn Prediction Model that Works

Our lives in customer success are in a constant state of guesstimating our customers’ sentiment as to our …


Email Marketing Tools And Tips To Avoid The Spam Folder

Email marketing is crucial for client success. It directly bolsters business by enhancing client relations. However, there’s a …

Customer Success

CSP: The Catalyst for Customer Success in SaaS

Amidst the chaos of Google Sheets reports and CRM clutter, lies the catalyst for customer success in your …

Webinars and Podcasts

Mastering CS – Candid Leader Insights – Ep 15 – Keishla Ceaser-Jones

In our new episode of the Mastering CS – Candid Leader Insights podcast, Irina Cismas, Custify’s Head of …

Customer Success

Customer Success Uncovered 2024 (CSM Insights Report)

Get the inside scoop on what CSMs really think about their jobs, salaries, and career prospects, as well as the current state of the customer success industry.


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